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Yoga Gut Practice – Surviving a Year in Quarantine.

Host: Spa Mirbeau

Date: May 8, 2021

Let’s “wring-out” a year’s worth of stress, too much time in the fridge, lack of movement, and breathing behind a mask. This rotation practice serves as a natural cleanse and spring cleaning for the mind and body with focus on the major organs of the abdomen and pelvis. We’ll explore the mind/gut/breath connection and learn ways to purify and create a safe internal environment within ourselves.
Wendy Feldman brings many years experience from the Capital District health and fitness arena. A former competitive level bodybuilder and longtime trainer, her journey and evolution into the world of yoga has a been a natural transition. Warrior Yoga practice allows Wendy to blend her background in strength and power training with a strong emphasis on flexibility and breathing practice.
Saturday, May 8th 11:30am-12:45pm.
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