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Reggae Sunday: Mixed Roots


Date: February 16, 2020

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Under the leadership of the drummer, George, Mixed Roots is a rare breed of bands. All are from different areas, and now call Albany, New York home.

Charles, the organ and keyboarding specialist, is originally from Ghana. Arya, our guitarist, has Indian roots. Our hand percussionist, T T, is also from Ghana, where his rhythms originated. The bass lines you hear are from Jared, who is local to the area. The horn section—featuring two trombones, Dave and Catherine–consider themselves local also, bringing fire to the area with their playing.

​George grew up in Accra, Ghana, where he learned and practiced traditional African beats. Now together, this band plays with energy emerging from their mixed roots. They are prepared and excited to share their styles with you!

February 16 Mixed Roots