Mall Directory

Name Category Phone Map Location
abercrombie Children's Fashion & Toys 518.218.1238 F2
Abercrombie & Fitch Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.869.4896 O2
Accessorize Jewelry/Accessories 518.218.6413 H1
aerie Women's Fashions 518.452.5645 G1
Aeropostale Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.869.1500 F1
Against All Odds Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.608.4322 L1
ALDO Accessories Jewelry/Accessories 518.464.3495 K2
ALDO Shoes Shoes 518.862.1875 L1
American Eagle Outfitters Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.456.2238 G1
Ann Taylor Women's Fashions 518.464.4436 J2
Apple Electronics & Entertainment 518.869.3192 G1
Arch Services/Travel 518.250.5824 A2
AT & T Wireless Electronics & Entertainment 518.869.5147 B2
Athleta Women's Fashions 518.452.2190 H2
Auntie Anne's Restaurants & Eateries 518.452.2709 D2
Aveda Classical Concepts Salon Services/Travel 518.690.0446 G2
Baby GAP Children's Fashion & Toys 518.456.4173 H1
Bally Total Fitness Services/Travel 518.869.0473 P1 & O2
Banana Republic Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.452.5973 G2
bareMinerals Health & Beauty 518.464.8270 K2
Bath & Body Works Health & Beauty 518.862.2123 K2
Beauty Plus Salon Services/Travel 518.218.7200 L1
bebe Women's Fashions 518.464.2830 F2
Best Buy Anchors 518.452.6881 Best Buy
Best Buy Mobile Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.5740 D1
Brow Studio 7 Health & Beauty, Services/Travel 518.464.8018 K2
Brow Studio 7 Health & Beauty 518.464.8018 K2
Brow Studio 7 Services/Travel 518.464.8018 K2
Buckle Shoes 518.456.4106 C2
Build-A-Bear Workshop Children's Fashion & Toys 518.464.2853 K2
Burlington Coat Factory Anchors 518.452.7330 Burlington Coat Factory
Cache Women's Fashions 518.380.6068 G2
Cacique by Lane Bryant Women's Fashions 518.218.5744 N1
Cajun Cafe Restaurants & Eateries 518.452.7734 E2
Candy Express Packaged Specialty 518.452.7990 L2
Carhartt Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.213.4243 A1
Cell Ace Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.4626 E2
Cellairis Electronics & Entertainment, Services/Travel 518.456.1640 L1
Cellairis Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.1640 L1
Cellairis Services/Travel 518.456.1640 L1
Champs Fashions - Women's & Men's, Shoes N/A O1
Champs Fashions - Women's & Men's N/A O1
Champs Shoes N/A O1
Charlotte Russe Shoes 518.452.2163 N2
Claire's Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.6123 C2
Clarks Shoes 518.862.2047 F2
Coach Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.5657 G2
Cortefiel Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.218.6472 N1
Custom T's Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.608.5370 N2
Customer Service Services/Travel 518.869.9565 A1
CVS Health & Beauty 518.456.1268 O1
Dave & Buster's Dining 518.313.4500 C1
deb Junior & Plus Jewelry/Accessories, Shoes 518.464.2838 A2
deb Junior & Plus Jewelry/Accessories 518.464.2838 A2
deb Junior & Plus Shoes 518.464.2838 A2
Delia's Women's Fashions 518.218.0708 G1
Destination Maternity in Macy's Anchors 518.452.0010 Macy's
Dick's Sporting Goods Anchors 518.218.7410 Dick's Sporting Goods
Dollar & Things Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.456.0241 E2
DSW Shoe Warehouse Jewelry/Accessories, Shoes 518.218.0750 H1
DSW Shoe Warehouse Jewelry/Accessories 518.218.0750 H1
DSW Shoe Warehouse Shoes 518.218.0750 H1
Dunkin Donuts - Coming Soon Packaged Specialty, Restaurants & Eateries N/A L2
Dunkin Donuts - Coming Soon Packaged Specialty N/A L2
Dunkin Donuts - Coming Soon Restaurants & Eateries N/A L2
Eastern Wonders Boutique Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.218.1888 O1
EbLens Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.690.7158 H1
Envy U Women's Fashions 518.456.2900 N1
Express Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.456.7342 N2
f.y.e. Electronics & Entertainment 518.464.0199 D2
Famous Footwear Shoes 518.456.1069 N1
FanZone Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.862.0050 B2
Finish Line Shoes 518.862.4282 O2
Foot Locker House of Hoops Shoes 518.464.2638 K1
Forever 21 Anchors 518.452.2504 Forever 21
Fossil Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.0164 M2
Francesca's Collections Jewelry/Accessories, Shoes 518.218.7353 D2
Francesca's Collections Jewelry/Accessories 518.218.7353 D2
Francesca's Collections Shoes 518.218.7353 D2
Frederick's of Hollywood Women's Fashions 518.869.6490 C2
Fresh Healthy Cafe Dining 518.452.0202 B1
GameStop Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.7135 L2
GAP Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.456.4173 H1
GAP Kids Children's Fashion & Toys 518.456.4173 H1
Garage Women's Fashions 518.862.2012 E1
Gertrude Hawk Chocolates Packaged Specialty 518.464.5630 L1
Gift-ology Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.4646 N1
GlowGolf Electronics & Entertainment 518.218.7308 B2
GNC Packaged Specialty 518.456.6434 L1
Great American Cookies Restaurants & Eateries 518.608.4544 N1
Great Wraps Dining 518.869.9727 E2
GUESS Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.456.7436 H2
Guilderland Police Services/Travel 518.452.6921 A1
Gymboree Children's Fashion & Toys 518.869.2427 F2
H&M Anchors 518.869.8253 F1, F2
Hollister Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.464.9153 F1
Hot Topic Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.862.0964 L1
Icing by Claire's Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.9871 K2
IMAX Anchors 518.456.2326 Regal Cinemas
J. Crew Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.456.5902 J2
J. Jill Women's Fashions 518.690.0420 F2
Jay St. Video Games Electronics & Entertainment 518.713.4056 D2
JCPenney Anchors 518.456.0824 JCPenney
JCPenney Optical Anchors, Services/Travel 518.456.1864 JCPenney
JCPenney Optical Anchors 518.456.1864 JCPenney
JCPenney Optical Services/Travel 518.456.1864 JCPenney
JCPenney Portrait Anchors, Services/Travel 518.869.3287 JCPenney
JCPenney Portrait Anchors 518.869.3287 JCPenney
JCPenney Portrait Services/Travel 518.869.3287 JCPenney
JCPenney Salon Anchors, Services/Travel 518.456.4821 JCPenney
JCPenney Salon Anchors 518.456.4821 JCPenney
JCPenney Salon Services/Travel 518.456.4821 JCPenney
Jennyfer Women's Fashions 518.213.3627 C2
Johnny Rockets Dining 518.862.0200 B1
Journeys Shoes 518.456.6198 L1
Journeys Kidz Shoes 518.456.2407 D1
Justice Children's Fashion & Toys 518.869.3902 O2
Kay Jewelers Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.1101 B1
Kids Foot Locker Shoes 518.464.2638 K1
Lady Foot Locker Shoes 518.869.0750 F1
Lane Bryant Women's Fashions 518.218.5744 N1
Lee Nails Services/Travel 518.464.9990 J1
Lenscrafters Services/Travel 518.869.8578 D1
Liberty Travel Services/Travel 518.456.8691 G2
Lids (Lower Level) Jewelry/Accessories 518.218.0160 K1
Lids (Upper Level) Jewelry/Accessories 518.452.9372 D2
Lindt Chocolate Packaged Specialty 518.464.9720 N2
Little Tokyo Dining 518.452.4561 D2
Littman Jewelers Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.3699 D2
Lord & Taylor Anchors 518.464.2828 Lord & Taylor
LY Nails Services/Travel 518.452.1440 N1
Macy's Anchors 518.452.0010 Macy's
MasterCuts Services/Travel 518.452.1115 B2
Matthew's Hallmark Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.456.7476 D1
Max Rider Electronics & Entertainment 518.618.3538 B2
Michael Kors Jewelry/Accessories, Shoes, Women's Fashions 518.389.0025 J2
Michael Kors Jewelry/Accessories 518.389.0025 J2
Michael Kors Shoes 518.389.0025 J2
Michael Kors Women's Fashions 518.389.0025 J2
New York & Co. Women's Fashions 518.456.0665 O2
News Corner Services/Travel 518.869.2439 E2
Oakley Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.2392 F1
Old Navy Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.862.9436 K1
Orange Julius Restaurants & Eateries 518.452.0385 K1
p.s. from aeropostale Children's Fashion & Toys 518.218.7606 J2
PacSun Fashions - Women's & Men's 518.464.6038 L1
Pandora Jewelry/Accessories 518.452.9170 N1
Payless Kids Shoes 518.456.6916 A2
Payless ShoeSource Shoes 518.456.6916 A2
Penzeys Spices Packaged Specialty 518.869.7777 B1
Perfume Outlet Health & Beauty N/A D1, N1
Pet Zone Services/Travel 518.218.7387 N1
Piercing Pagoda Jewelry/Accessories 518.452.5803 F1 - Kiosk
Piercing Pagoda 2 Jewelry/Accessories 518.869.9469 N1 - Kiosk
PINK Women's Fashions 518.464.5070 N2
Pottery Barn Home Furnishings & Accessories 518.218.0572 F2
Pottery Barn Kids Children's Fashion & Toys, Home Furnishings & Accessories 518.452.4310 H2
Pottery Barn Kids Children's Fashion & Toys 518.452.4310 H2
Pottery Barn Kids Home Furnishings & Accessories 518.452.4310 H2
Pretzel Maker Restaurants & Eateries 518.464.1240 K1
Promod Women's Fashions 518.362.3029 L1
Quick Test Services/Travel 518.456.8641 F1
Radio Shack Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.3652 K2
Regal Cinemas 18 Anchors 518.456.2326 Regal Cinemas
Regal Movie Line Anchors, Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.0775 Regal Cinemas
Regal Movie Line Anchors 518.456.0775 Regal Cinemas
Regal Movie Line Electronics & Entertainment 518.456.0775 Regal Cinemas
Ruby Tuesday Dining 518.452.1352 E1
RUUM Children's Fashion & Toys 518.464.8280 J2
Sbarro Dining 518.452.1667 E2
Security Services/Travel 518.869.5414 MEZZANINE
Sephora inside JCPenney Anchors 518.456.0824 JCPenney
Skechers Shoes 518.452.0211 F2
Sleep Number by Select Comfort Home Furnishings & Accessories 518.218.7207 N1
Solstice Sunglass Boutique Jewelry/Accessories 518.213.3131 F2
Soma Intimates Women's Fashions 518.313.4251 G2
Spencer's Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.456.5236 D2
Sprint Electronics & Entertainment 518.862.9700 B1
Sprint Store by Arch Telecom Electronics & Entertainment 518.869.0181 E1
Starbucks Packaged Specialty 518.218.1520 M2
Subway Dining 518.862.2770 E2
Sunglass Hut Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.0322 E1
Super Mario's Barber Shop Services/Travel 518.869.3175 J1
Super Mario's Salon Services/Travel 518.869.1279 J1
Swarovski Jewelry/Accessories 518.456.2675 K2
T-Mobile Services/Travel 518.452.2806 B1
T-Shirt Spot Packaged Specialty 518.869.5343 B2
Taco Bell Dining 518.456.8625 E2
Teavana Packaged Specialty 518.218.0245 K2
Texas de Brazil Dining, Restaurants & Eateries 518.640.2191 K1
Texas de Brazil Dining 518.640.2191 K1
Texas de Brazil Restaurants & Eateries 518.640.2191 K1
The Art of Shaving Health & Beauty 518.213.4606 K1
The Children's Place Children's Fashion & Toys 518.464.0170 D1
The Limited Women's Fashions 518.464.1516 O2
The Melting Pot Dining 518.862.1292 E1
The Picture People Services/Travel 518.464.0702 D2
The Shoe Dept. Shoes 518.862.2055 B2
The Sox Market Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.608.1299 C2
The Stadium Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.862.1452 O1
The Standard Restaurant & Lounge Dining 518.452.7007 E1/F1
The Walking Company Shoes 518.869.9255 F2
Things Remembered Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.456.4620 K2
Toys R Us Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable, Children's Fashion & Toys 518.456.2951 K1
Toys R Us Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.456.2951 K1
Toys R Us Children's Fashion & Toys 518.456.2951 K1
Track 'n Trail Shoes 518.218.1024 D1
Tullio Hair Studio Services/Travel 518.869.9527 N1
Underground by Journeys Shoes 518.218.0828 N2
UNO Pizzaria & Grill Dining, Restaurants & Eateries 518.869.3100 K2
UNO Pizzaria & Grill Dining 518.869.3100 K2
UNO Pizzaria & Grill Restaurants & Eateries 518.869.3100 K2
Vera Bradley Jewelry/Accessories 518.218.7059 L1
Verizon Wireless Electronics & Entertainment 518.862.6400 E1
Via Roma Fashions Shoes 518.464.4130 H1
Victoria's Secret Women's Fashions 518.452.4393 C2
Vitamin World Health & Beauty, Packaged Specialty 518.452.5813 B1
Vitamin World Health & Beauty 518.452.5813 B1
Vitamin World Packaged Specialty 518.452.5813 B1
Wendy's Dining 518.869.2956 E2
Wet Seal Women's Fashions 518.862.1998 N2
Williams-Sonoma Packaged Specialty 518.456.0201 H2
Wilsons Leather Jewelry/Accessories 518.452.6852 L1
World Of Beer Dining 518.869.9900 A1
Yankee Candle Co. Books, Cards & Gifts Collectable 518.464.0300 K2
Yo D.Sert Restaurants & Eateries N/A B1
Yogibo Children's Fashion & Toys 518.456.1762 N1
Zales Jewelry/Accessories 518.862.9690 M2
Ziddy Children's Fashion & Toys 518.218.6438 F2
Zumiez Shoes 518.218.0818 L1


Dave and Buster's        

Today there's only one place where you can eat new American, fun gourmet food; AND drink your choice of fun, innovative beverages; AND play the biggest and best arcade games around-all under one roof! That one place is Dave & Buster's, where you always get great food, drinks and big-time fun served up by the friendliest people in town. That's always been their guiding principle... and not such a crazy idea after all.


Phone: 518.313.4500



Regal Stadium 18 with IMAX

Regal Entertainment Group operates the largest and most geographically diverse theatre circuit in the United States, consisting of 7,361 screens in 575 theatres in 42 states along with Guam, Saipan, American Samoa and  the District of Columbia as of April 24, 2014. Their geographically diverse circuit includes theatres in 46 of the top 50 U.S. designated market areas. They operate multi-screen theatres and, as of December 26, 2013, had an average of 12.7 screens per location, which is well above the North American motion picture exhibition industry average.


Phone: 518.456.2326

Movie Line: 518.456.0775

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Food Court

Cajun Café

Great Wraps

Little Tokyo



Taco Bell

That's a Wrap




Auntie Anne's

Great American Cookies

Orange Julius

Pretzel Maker



Yo. D.Sert

Yeh! Yogurt



Dave and Buster's        

Today there's only one place where you can eat new American, fun gourmet food; AND drink your choice of fun, innovative beverages; AND play the biggest and best arcade games around-all under one roof! That one place is Dave & Buster's, where you always get great food, drinks and big-time fun served up by the friendliest people in town. That's always been their guiding principle... and not such a crazy idea after all.


Phone: 518.313.4500


Fresh Healthy Café

FRESH Restaurants is an innovator and the absolute leader in the booming healthy fast-casual food industry. Today’s customer has an insatiable, growing appetite for nutritious, delicious food and drinks, unlike the unhealthy fare offered by other quick-service food franchises. They are perfectly positioned to meet this demand, providing their guests with an extraordinary health experience unlike any they’ve ever tasted.


Phone: 518.452.0202


Johnny Rockets

Johnny Rockets goal is to provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity. Serve great all-American food in a timeless and fun environment. Apply the highest standards of excellence to the purchasing, preparation and delivery of their products. Last but not least enthusiastically serve their Guests, and meet or exceed their expectations at all times.


Phone: 518.862.0200


The Melting Pot

They offer a dining experience like no other. A unique,interactive dining experience creating memorable moments with family and friends. From the time the first piece of bread is dipped and the last piece of dessert is savored, you'll be graced with the time to discover new things about people you thought you knew. And, those you're getting to know.


Phone: 518.862.1292


Ruby Tuesday

They are fully committed to preparing and serving food of uncompromising freshness and quality - with signature choices like our premium Handcrafted Burgers and their bountiful, Create Your Own Garden Bar - and they are grateful that their restaurants are made possible by passionate employees who make it their business to delight each and every guest with an excellent dining experience. From their ongoing efforts to bring you the best menu in casual dining and the best Handcrafted Burgers anywhere, to the gracious smiles and genuine hospitality that greet you at their doors, Ruby Tuesday wants to make their Simple Fresh American Dining your favorite dining anywhere.


Phone: 518.452.1352


The Standard Restaurant & Lounge

The Standard Restaurant is known for its straightforward, classic American cuisine,

prepared using home-cooking techniques with fresh, local ingredients purchased daily. The Standard Restaurant menu features over 100 items that will be sure to have something for everyone.


Phone: 518.452.7007


UNO Chicago Grill

Uno still draws its identity and inspiration from the artisan heritage of the original. Each restaurant still makes their deep dish pizza dough fresh every morning. With the times, Uno is adjusting its menu to how people want to live their lives. It will always be about amazing flavor and wonderful menus that have the right balance between indulgent treats and delicious and nutritious choices. In this way their guests can enjoy Uno in a way that fits their mood and lifestyle and that of their families when and where it makes sense.


Phone: 518.869.3100


World of Beer

At World of Beer, we want you to feel right at home while enjoying our extensive selection
of craft beers, whether you’re a beer aficionado or a casual beer fan. Join us to partake in the best beers from around the world and pump up your beer knowledge with the help of our friendly staff of experts in a great atmosphere. Come enjoy the beer, and fill up on fun.


Phone: N/A

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Regal Stadium 18 with IMAX

Phone: 518.456.2326

Movie Line: 518.456.0775


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